Very welcome to my Website. You are looking for professional Online Marketing, Webdesign, Printdesign, Photo-/Videography? Or even a sparring partner to challenge or develop your Digital Strategy? Get in touch!

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Area of Studies

I studied at the Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mainz and graduated in Economics (B. Sc.) and Management (M. Sc.). The latter has been the trigger for my passion in consulting. Majors in logistics and informatics have been the foundation for my programming and design work.


Design Experience

Design has been always important for me. It is until today. Especially unobtrusive and functional design. I value, when complex and sophisticated things are build in such way, they are easy to use. This is also reflected by my work. Elegant, functional and intuitive.


Consulting Expertise

Since my master's degree and parallel to my creative projects, I focus on consulting industry, economy and energy economy companies in all digital problems. From high-level digital strategies to a deep dive into data analytics.

360° DESIGN. Puristic and elegant. One-stop.

  • Webdesign for private persons and small businesses
  • Printdesgin for brochures, business cards, logos
  • Marketing for Social Media, SEO, SEM
  • Photo-/Videography for architecture, events and many more
Services. Design.

CONSULTING. Get insights into your data, into your business.

  • ETL with SQL, Java and BI Tools like Excel and QlikView
  • Big Data Analytics with Apache Hadoop
  • Data Audit and Readiness Assessement
  • Enterprise Architecture Design
Services. Consulting.